Once again, we at Surf Cup Sports want to thank Jeff and all of the iSoccerPath staff for adding their very valuable college coaches panels on the fields during Scurf Cup College Showcase weekend. The feedback we get back from players and parents, as well as college coaches from all over the Country is so positive that we are honored to be able to offer the iSoccerPath program to all Surf Cup participants.

Rob Haskell – Director, Surf Cup Sports

Honored to be able to offer the iSoccerPath program to all Surf Cup participants

Thanks Jeff for all your help and advice.  We just had a meeting with our first head coach yesterday and have several more visits to come over the next few days. What you shared from all the information that you have accumulated, through experience and conversations with college coaches, has been invaluable in preparing us.  You have shown us how to effectively write emails, make highlight videos and converse with college coaches. This, along with all the other insights you gave us, has really given us confidence that we are now doing things right when it comes to the college process. We are deeply grateful for all your help!

S.L. – 2018 grad year soccer parent

Deeply grateful for all your help

Made for the parents by a parent.  There is finally a connector from the club game to the college game.  The college recruiting process is unique for everyone and with so much information out there, iSoccerPath focuses on the most pertinent material to help young prospective student-athletes find the correct fit – Division 1 Men’s NCAA Final Four Head Coach

There is finally a connector from the club game to the college game.

I want to thank iSoccerPath for your support throughout my junior year. The iSoccerPath Premier 11th grade program really helped me make some tough decisions and made the college selection process easier on me. I look forward to accomplishing my dream of playing college soccer.  Once again, thanks a ton and I really appreciate your guidance. 

– 2018 Grad Year iSoccerPath Client

I look forward to accomplishing my dream

Our son has committed to Chowan University in Murfreesboro, NC for the 2017-201 season. We want to thank you so much for all your assistance in helping him land a roster spot!

2017 parent of a college bound athlete

Thank you so much for all your assistance

Thank you so much for putting on such a great event for the parents and players of Peninsula SC. Coaches Gabe, Robin, Collin, and Tracy we can’t thank you enough for taking the time to come educate everyone on some of the steps that need to be taken to make it to the next level. It is so beneficial for our soccer community to have the opportunity to hear from such established coaches at the 4 different levels of College Soccer. 

Sometimes the recruiting process can be overwhelming to families and I think you gave them some great insight, that will make the process easier. 

Mike Sharabi/ Val Henderson, Directors of Coaching, Peninsula Youth Soccer Club

Some great insight that will make the process easier

We wanted to let you know that our daughter just committed to one of her top choices this week and she is absolutely thrilled.  We started with iSoccerPath 3 years ago and with your help and guidance, our daughter learned and implemented the iSoccerPath program which made her responsible for doing most of the work so that the coaches would get to know her personally.  We feel, as parents, that you and iSoccerPath were a huge part of our daughters and our families navigating the process behind the scenes to give her all the tools the coaches look for.  We could not be more happy with your service. She will get to go to a University of California school to get her education and be able to be a student athlete for a great coach and soccer program. We could not have done it without you! We have 2 more soccer players in our family and would, and do, highly recommend iSoccerPath to others. It’s a great program. Thank you!!

Family of 2019 Daughter, California

Just a quick note to thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me yesterday at Brandi Chastain’s soccer clinic in San Mateo. Being a single parent, disabled with a crazed soccer loving girl is quite challenging. As I said yesterday, my daughters father is not involved in her life and not being able to chat with someone about what’s best for Brianna and her soccer goals is frustrating. I undergo chemotherapy at least twice per year for my disease and self administer injections at home. I live with an incurable disease and I know that in the coming years it will become harder and harder to care for my glorious girl.

iSoccerPath may just be the answer for us.  I was truly inspired with new hope following your talk yesterday. I only want the best for my girl, as does every other parent. The idea of my daughter not being able to attend college and or participate in a soccer club program due to my medical problems/fixed income is a bitter pill to swallow and one I refuse to take.

Again, many, many thanks for your time and inspiring words and we look forward to having iSoccerPath guide my daughter to reach her college dreams.

T.L. San Francisco

Jeff, we just wanted to take a moment to let you know that you are the best thing we did for our son as we would be so lost without your perspective. Plus you seem to have the same values that we do – which is an added bonus!

R.M. Parent of 2018 recruit

Even though our daughter is in the ECNL, we still felt we needed the extra help to stay ahead of the recruiting process.  Our daughter started with iSoccerPath and Jeff Jaye when she was an 8th grader and she is now heading into her sophomore year in high school and we could not be more happy with how much ahead of the process she is versus other girls on the team.

Our daughter has attended 3 ID camps with evals after, had her video evaluated by a US Soccer National Staff coach, her grades and class list also evaluated each year and has participated in How To Interview a College Coach seminar and How to Scrub Your Social Media Sites to get Recruited.  Most importantly the emails that iSoccerPath helped her design has not only gotten coaches to come to her games but also set up 2 unofficial visits at two of her top choices and she hasn’t even started her 10th grade year.

We feel iSoccerPath has been invaluable for our daughter. With girls getting college offers now as early as 9th grade, our daughter is in a position to have the best choices. Thank you iSoccerPath!

MH and WK- parents ECNL player

iSoccerpath does a phenomenal job of educating players and parents in the college process.  Seeing it all through the lens of both a head college coach and club soccer coach, iSoccerpath bridges the gap between myth and reality when it comes to recruiting, what coaches are looking for and how to go about finding the right school for you.

Head Women’s Soccer Coach

iSoccerPath is a fantastic resource for navigating the ambiguous landscape of the soccer recruiting process.  My son attended a seminar and it really helped him better understand what coaches were looking for and how best to communicate with them on the journey towards what college to attend.  In the end iSoccerPath provided specific suggestions and action items  that allowed my son to demonstrate his skills in front of the coaches he was targeting and receive a roster spot to play in college. 

Cox Family

Isoccerpath provides comprehensive information on how to navigate through the entire recruiting process. Hopefully with their help you can enjoy an exciting journey finding the right college fit for you!

Head Coach, Men’s Pac 12 Division I Program

ISP offered invaluable information that helped us navigate the complex college admissions system!

A combination of experienced and thoughtful staff makes for a great service for those players really serious about participating at the next level.
Thank you ISP!

Benjamin G, ISP Parent

Before working with ISP I was completely clueless and in the dark about what colleges would be a good fit soccer wise as well as how to even initiate the process. Over my time working with ISP I have received guidance whenever I have requested it and I know I am much more on track than I was before.

Our son has been on the iSoccerPath program for the past three months. Soon after we enrolled him, Jeff set up a very nice meeting for our family. He introduced us to the program and answered every question we had. That allowed our son to create his first list of target colleges with confidence. It was a great milestone in his college admissions process. The process for student athletes was overwhelming for our family but iSoccerPath dramatically changed it. We are now very confident that our son is on the right path and in the right direction. We get education from an unparalleled team of staff who have immense experience and knowledge. We are so glad we started and look forward to the upcoming years.


I have known Jeff Jaye for many, many years. We are now lucky enough to have him and iSoccerPath team on our side to help guide us through the rough and tumble world of competitive soccer. He has given our oldest daughter the guidance and support to make the right choices on her journey to college. There are many choices that we face for the future and with Jeff and iSoccerPath at our side, I’m certain that we are in good hands. I know that Jeff will be frank, open and honest with us. He genuinely cares about the kids and wants the best for them. He is always available to help and will never shy away from a challenge. He has pushed our daughter out of her comfort zone already, and we love it!!

Thanks Jeff and iSP

Before we started working with ISP, the college admissions process was very murky and my son was having a difficult time getting started. ISP’s advice has been very comprehensive -starting with an evaluation of soccer skills, guidance on identifying “best fit” colleges based on academics and soccer abilities, contacting coaches, identifying camps, etc. It has worked, and my son has been contacted by several coaches from colleges he had targeted. Still in the middle of the process and don’t know how it will end, but we are very happy that ISP will be with us throughout the journey.

Dear ISP Staff,
just wanted to say how pleased I am with the support of your Staff during the college placement process for my son. Your Staff has been very responsive and helpful to all of our questions and concerns.

Although we are still going through the process I feel very confident that in the end my son will get to attend his one of his top choices of schools.

We have always been supportive of our son’s goal of attending college while pursuing his aspirations of playing soccer at the highest level. The preparation and strategy required to navigate this path can be overwhelming and unclear. This is where the experience and knowledge of iSoccerPath team has been invaluable.

They have helped us identify necessary milestones and opportunities through the athletics program that our son needs to achieve to get to his college of choice.

Thank you, iSoccerPath Team!

iSoccerpath is an outstanding educational resource to teach prospects and parents the ins and outs of the [college soccer’s] environment. I have known the owner and partners for decades and this group truly cares about the student-athlete’s well being. They absolutely provide a fantastic service to those who take advantage of their program.

Division 1 Head Men’s Soccer Coach, April 2015

Wow, continue to be impressed with you and ISP’s guidance, thank you! The ISP team has been pivotal in help kickstarting this whole process and look forward to your continual support.


Dear Jeff,

We really appreciate all your hard work and dedication.

On a more personal note, thank you for all the support you gave Connor this season.  He was the odd man out this year as the coach really did not have to give him an opportunity to play since he already had two returning varsity players and one junior.  But your support and drills helped him continue his journey with confidence and he was give a rotation spot which was all we could ask for.  Thank you for all your support.

Connor took your advice and signed up for CSU’s ID Prospect this Saturday and Sunday.

He is very exited to start this next journey in life and he will always remember the support and encouragement you gave him this season.  We are forever grateful.

Thank you!

Kindest regards,

Tetzloff family

Hi Jeff,

Thank you for your nice words.  Kat has been on a cloud ever since she came to the realization of going ALL-OUT in her desire to play college soccer.  She wrote emails to all of you last night thanking you for your time.  Knowing that you are guiding her (and ME!) makes us feel so at ease through out this daunting process.

Committed mom of Santa Clara University Women’s Program 2014 class player

I have worked with Jeff for many years and can easily attest to his passion for soccer and kids is rarely matched.  I know Jeff and his Isoccerpath staff will have the best interest of these young players in mind, while working tirelessly to find them the right fit for a university and its soccer program.

Head Coach Men’s Pac 12 Division 1 Program

Jeff Jaye has great soccer knowledge needed to get players noticed. Jeff not only took an interest in our daughter to help get her noticed by coaches, but followed up with recommendations which lead her to a spot on the college team of her choice. Jeff has gone above and beyond to help our daughter continue her soccer career at the college level; he has the connections, advice, training suggestions, and honestly a love of the game and genuine concern for the players. Thank you Jeff, we will forever be grateful for your confidence and outreach to our daughter.

Joe & Lynn

Jeff is a very knowledgeable and experienced administrator. Jeff is very passionate about the game of soccer and help guide young men/women on the complex journey from youth soccer to the collegiate soccer world. Having experienced this journey with his own children , he is very able to present and execute an individual  game plan for any ambitious prospective student athlete.

Coach Erik Visser (ret.) U of San Francisco Mens Division

Jeff and iSoccerpath provided guidance to our daughter navigating the college process and determining what steps she should expect to take next in her college search. His years of experience in the soccer community make him an excellent resource to have for those athletes interested in playing at the next level. Our daughter will be attending her number one choice of D1 college in the fall.


Upon casual introduction at a Premier College Showcase, Jeff took interest in our daughter’s dream of playing college soccer.   Coming from Nebraska and catching the eye of colleges 3K miles away proved very tricky.  We owe a lot to Jeff for using his network to communicate that our daughter truly had a passion to contribute to their school.  We still cannot believe how he took our daughter under his wing and guided her through the process.  Without Jeff, we are sure that they would have never taken her serious. Thank you Jeff!

Shane and Theresa McClanahan

Jeff and his team brings a wealth of experience and integrity to the college admissions process.  Their insight into what student athletes and parents need to do to prepare themselves for the next level stems from taking kids through the process many times.  They have been a pleasure to work with.

Jeff – Division 1 Women’s Soccer Head Coach WCC

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