Education Counseling

How does the education counseling part of the program help our family?

Our education council, Nancy Conti, has been advising high school athletes into college for over 13 years is also a parent of a Division 1 soccer player. Your son/daughters high school transcripts will be reviewed at the end of every semester as well as PSAT, SAT, and ACT scores each year to make sure they are in line with the colleges your son or daughter is choosing. We do stress that because your son or daughter’s academic record may not match with their on-field ability, and our programs are designed to help both the parent and player understand the best fit for both as you go through high school.  Each year GPA, test scores and on field ability change and usually for the better so it is important to get an honest evaluation so that the classes and rigor you choose are carefully crafted to meet your target schools admissions.

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